PhD students

Diemo Urbig: PhD in 2010 (promotor) “Outcome expectancies and the interaction of efficacy and control beliefs”, Radboud University

Killian McCarthy: PhD in 2011 (promotor jointly with Wilfred Dolfsma) “Understanding success and failure in mergers & acquisitions”, Groningen University

Dirk Gerritsen: PhD in 2014 (promotor jointly with Arie Buijs) “The relevance of security analyst opinions for investment decisions”, Utrecht University

Secil Danakol: PhD in 2015 (promotor jointly with Stephanie Rosenkranz and Arjen van Witteloostuijn) “Entrepreneurship and economic development”, Utrecht University

Kim Fairley: PhD in 2016 (promotor jointly with Alan Sanfey)  “Neuroscientific foundations of decision making under ambiguity”, Radboud University

Dirk-Jan Janssen: PhD in 2017 (promotor)  “Birds of a feather: Price Dynamics and Trading Behavior in Composed Markets”, Radboud University

Wang Zhi: PhD in 2018 (promotor)  “Political embeddedness and corporate strategies in China”, Radboud University

Jiangyan Li: PhD in 2019 (promotor) “Essays on decision making under ambiguity”, Radboud University

Jan Verhoeckx: PhD in 2021 (promotor jointly with Anna Salomons) “Growing apart together”, Radboud University

Thomas Gomez: PhD in 2022 (promotor jointly with Jason Frank), Utrecht University

Achiel Fenneman: PhD in 2023 (promotor jointly with Alan Sanfey), Radboud University