Current PhD candidates

Achiel Fenneman (promotor jointly with Alan Sanfey)

Thomas Gomez (promotor jointly with Jason Frank)

Keyang Li (promotor jointly with Erwin van der Krabben)

Former PhD candidates

Diemo Urbig: PhD in 2010 (promotor) “Outcome expectancies and the interaction of efficacy and control beliefs”, Radboud University

Killian McCarthy: PhD in 2011 (promotor jointly with Wilfred Dolfsma) “Understanding success and failure in mergers & acquisitions”, Groningen University

Dirk Gerritsen: PhD in 2014 (promotor jointly with Arie Buijs) “The relevance of security analyst opinions for investment decisions”, Utrecht University

Secil Danakol: PhD in 2015 (promotor jointly with Stephanie Rosenkranz and Arjen van Witteloostuijn) “Entrepreneurship and economic development”, Utrecht University

Kim Fairley: PhD in 2016 (promotor jointly with Alan Sanfey)  “Neuroscientific foundations of decision making under ambiguity”, Radboud University

Dirk-Jan Janssen: PhD in 2017 (promotor)  “Birds of a feather: Price Dynamics and Trading Behavior in Composed Markets”, Radboud University

Wang Zhi: PhD in 2018 (promotor)  “Political embeddedness and corporate strategies in China”, Radboud University

Jiangyan Li: PhD in 2019 (promotor) “Essays on decision making under ambiguity”, Radboud University

Jan Verhoeckx: PhD in 2021 (promotor jointly with Anna Salomons) “Growing apart together”, Radboud University